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Appendix D: Evaluation of State Strategies

Long-Term Outcome Measures

These measures evaluate the long-term impact of policy and programmatic changes related to health information sharing, including more efficient, higher quality care and lower costs. Because measures evaluating long-term outcomes are dependent on many factors, health information exchange accounts for only a portion of the change. The measures are listed in order of quality and cost impact, beginning with the most impactful.

Quality and Appropriateness of Care Measures
  • Reduction in preventable ED visits
  • Reduction in ambulatory-sensitive admissions
  • Reduction in 30- and 60-day readmission rates after discharge
  • Reduction in preventable adverse drug events
  • Improvement in medication adherence
Cost Measures
  • Reduction in total cost of care
  • Reduction in cost of inpatient, ambulatory and emergency visits or admissions
  • Reduction in duplicate or unnecessary tests and procedures (such as CT scan, MRI, radiograph, immunization)
  • Reduction in pharmaceutical spend resulting from more cost-effective prescribing patterns